AI Semen Supplies for 2021 breeding season.

Artificial Insemination (AI) greatly increases your possible choice of stallion. You can choose a stallion from anywhere in the UK or abroad without having to travel your mare great distances. Many popular stallions are only available by AI as this method decreases the risk to the stallion. AI is now widely used and the success rates are comparable to natural service.

Semen is availble Frozen throughout the stud season and until the end of August.

If you would like to pay by cheque, please make it payable to Ms. J Webb for the amount shown for the selected stallion/s and post along with your
completed booking/order form.

You can pay using Paypal
You can pay using Paypal with a credit or debit card or your Paypal account - just click the Paypal buttons and wait to be connected to Paypal. Paypal charges to process your payment, we add just 3% to your purchase.

The insemination process.


AIRBORN = £600

Available Fresh/Chilled
Frozen is available throughout the EU.


EROS = £650

Available Fresh/Chilled
Frozen is available throughout the EU.

Magician GF


Available Frozen only


PHANTEN = £300

This gives you one insemination dose.
Available Frozen only.
No terms.

Add Shipping for fresh/chilled - Airborn and Eros only.


The whole process of ordering can be carried out online by using Paypal/Credit Card and by using the online booking/order form to send your details.

If using Paypal / Credit card, click here to go to the


If you prefer to order by post follow the information below.

Please print and post booking / order form - thank you.

Download booking / order form as .PDF - bookingorderform.pdf  
(requires .PDF reader - e.g. Foxit Reader )

Or as a .RTF file (will open on most computers) - bookingorderform.rtf (rich text document).

All payments to be made payable to Ms J. Webb.

If you have problems please make contact - a booking / order form can be posted to you.

Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice when semen is required.

Payment must be made before any Semen will be released.

Sale of semen.

1. A minimum of 48 hours notice when semen is required.
2. No semen will be dispatched without the receipt of a completed booking/order form and full payment.
3. Semen is not insured once it has been dispatched from the distribution centre. Please speak with your veterinarian to check if it is insured while stored with them.
4. All prices apply to the UK and are subject to change. Please check.
5. It is the clients responsibility to ensure Shovern Stud have insemination dates before the 1st October for any mare inseminated, for covering certificates.


* Frozen Semen is supplied on a stud fee basis for one pregnancy. The transportation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

* Semen is stored at Stallion A I services for AIRBORN, EROS and MAGICIAN GF and at W.K.S for PHANTEN. Unused Semen MUST BE RETURNED at purchaser's expense.

* No semen will be sent out unless the stud fee and collection fees have been paid in full.

* In the unlikely event that the stallion is unable to fulfil his collection duties due to competition, accident, injury, illness or other, Shovern stud will not be held financially liable for any vets fees or other associated costs incurred by the mare owner but will however provide semen from a second stallion (of the same value or lesser value to that ordered). The same applies for the non-delivery of semen caused by loss in transit.

* A.E.S (Anglo European Studbook ) Covering certificates will be issued in the current year when the mare is scanned in foal and certified by a veterinary surgeon and only if all fees have been paid in full.

* Free returns for the following year will only be granted to mares certified not in foal by a veterinary surgeon.