AI Semen Supplies for 2024 breeding season.

Artificial Insemination (AI) greatly increases your possible choice of stallion. You can choose a stallion from anywhere in the UK or abroad without having to travel your mare great distances. Many popular stallions are only available by AI as this method decreases the risk to the stallion. AI is now widely used and the success rates are comparable to natural service.

Semen is availble Frozen throughout the stud season and until the end of August.

If you would like to pay by cheque, please make it payable to Ms. J Webb for the amount shown for the selected stallion/s and post along with your
completed booking/order form.

You can pay using Paypal
You can pay using Paypal with a credit or debit card or your Paypal account - just click the Paypal buttons and wait to be connected to Paypal. Paypal charges to process your payment, we add just 3% to your purchase.

The insemination process.


AIRBORN = £700

Available Fresh/Chilled
Frozen is available throughout the EU.


EROS = £700

Available Fresh/Chilled
Frozen is available throughout the EU.

Magician GF


Available Frozen only


PHANTEN = £300

This gives you one insemination dose.
Available Frozen only.
No terms.

Add Shipping for fresh/chilled.


The whole process of ordering can be carried out online by using Paypal/Credit Card and by using the online booking/order form to send your details.

If using Paypal / Credit card, click here to go to the


If you prefer to order by post follow the information below.

Please print and post booking / order form - thank you.

Download booking / order form as .PDF - bookingorderform.pdf  
(requires .PDF reader - e.g. Foxit Reader )

Or as a .RTF file (will open on most computers) - bookingorderform.rtf (rich text document).

All payments to be made payable to Ms J. Webb.

If you have problems please make contact - a booking / order form can be posted to you.

Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice when semen is required.

Payment must be made before any Semen will be released.

Shovern Stud Terms and Conditions.

Sale of semen.

The conditions are as follows:

Payment Terms

1. No semen will be released/shipped until full payment has been received.  A ‘No foal free return’ clause is offered for three attempts, further attempts are at discretion of Jill Webb, if the mare loses the foal, or fails to produce a live foal (at 24 hrs old), the mare will be allowed a free return to the same stallion for the following breeding season.
2. A ‘no live foal produced’ certificate from the mare owner’s veterinarian will need to be provided to take up the ‘no foal free return’ clause.
3. Should the mare die during the course of the pregnancy, consent of the stallion owner in writing is necessary to transfer the nomination to another mare, along with written conformation from the mare owner’s veterinarian.

Semen collection

· Payment of semen collection/shipment is an additional cost.
· Shovern Stud does not accept any responsibility for the transport or shipment of the semen, and liability for the costs associated with any losses, or complications with shipment remains with the mare owner.
· Semen must be ordered at least 48hrs prior to it being needed by the referring veterinarian or mare owner. Failure to do so means that semen collection and shipment may be unable to proceed.
· If two or more pregnancies are produced from the same mare following embryo transfer additional nomination forms need to be completed for each embryo pregnancy and the nomination fee is due for each.
· This contract must be signed by mare owner prior to semen collection or shipment. Failure to comply with this return procedure will result in the contract being null and void, and no semen being shipped.



· Nomination contracts are non transferable between mares unless consent is given in writing by the stallion owner prior to semen shipment.
· Shovern Stud cannot be held liable in the event of non-performance, illness or infertility of the stallion, or in the event of extenuating circumstances preventing semen collection occurring . No guarantee is offered in the event of a negative result post insemination.
· In the event of the death of the stallion, clauses concerning no foal free return, and transfer of nomination to a different mare become null and void.

Mare Owner Duties

- Notify Shover Stud of the pregnancy status of the mare following each insemination /embryo transfer attempt. A veterinary certificate will be required to confirmed non-pregnancy and hence transfer of nomination fee to subsequent year.
- Ensure that inseminating veterinarian/technician completes and returns paperwork.
- All charges are understood before signing and returning contract.

email     mobile   07714208000

Please contact Ms J. Webb for payment details.

Warranties: The mare owner warrants that they own the mare detailed in the agreement above, and that they have the right to present her for insemination, as well as the authority to enter into the contract. If the person who signs the contract does not have authority to do so, he or she will be personally liable for all fees, disbursements and other liabilities under this contract.

Signed.......................................................... Mare Owner